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For Life Therapy | Therapy Team


For Life Therapy | Therapy Team

In addition to our full time, on site Restorative Care staff, StoneyBrook Suites partners with For Life Therapy for licensed Physical Therapy at each of the StoneyBrook Suites facilities. The For Life Therapy staff has a combined 25+ years of experience in all areas of rehabilitation including Geriatrics, Athletics, and Musculoskeletal injury, and they strive to provide not only the best treatments possible but also the best customer service in the area.

“My passion for orthopedics and outpatient rehabilitation led me to open For Life Therapy in 2012. In my years of experience I felt that healthcare as a whole is missing something. I felt individuals were treated with repetitive exercise programs, unproven treatment methods and with little regard for the financial aspect of recovery.
My goal at For Life Therapy is to bring those missing parts to StoneyBrook Suites. We focus on injury prevention, post surgical rehab, health and wellness and returning individuals of all ages to their highest level of function.” - Jake Tesch

For Life Therapy opened in 2012, and their caring staff is constantly looking for opportunities to grow and learn in their capabilities. Jake, Megan, Zach, and Heather are a valued part of the total health and wellness approach to senior care at StoneyBrook Suites. For Life Therapy has additional information on their practice on the web at www.ForLifeTherapy.com



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