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StoneyBrook Cinema!

Whether you want to enjoy Bogart & Bacall, local Collegiate sports, or “I Love Lucy” on Netflix, StoneyBrook Cinemas are custom built theaters where residents can spend time together watching all of their favorite entertainment. Our theaters feature a state of the art entertainment center that is perfect for entertaining our residents and their guests, complete with digital surround sound, reclining loungers, and fresh popcorn!

More than movies...

The Cinema also serves as Game Central for fun activities, such as Wii Bowling Contests, Trivial Pursuit, or a rousing game of Wheel of Fortune. Our Activities Directors feature fun activities and programming, with movie nights scheduled throughout each month. Local High School and Collegiate sports are popular as well, with opportunities to watch Saturday afternoon football in the Fall, or cheer your favorite team during March Madness.

More than entertainment...

On Sunday and selected days, the StoneyBrook Cinema becomes home to Worship Services by way of both Live and Recorded Streaming Services from local churches of several denominations. A great way to be a part of a local congregation, without the worries of having to venture out through the weather!


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