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StoneyBrook Distinctives: Courtyards


Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

The social psychologist, Erich Fromm, first coined the term ‘biophilia’ (love of life) in 1964 to describe the instinctual and innate human attraction to nature. In the 1980’s Edward O. Wilson (biologist), propagated the term when he pioneered a new school of thought focused on the need to bring people back in contact with nature.

“… well designed gardens can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and relax people. Also there is research that shows experiencing nature and looking at gardens reduces pain. Nature seems to reduce pain by blocking stress …”
      ~Dr. Roger Ulrich.

At StoneyBrook Suites, we agree, and believe our residents need to connect with God’s Creation! Our residents enjoy our outdoor walking paths, courtyards and patios, where they can enjoy beautiful plants and flowers, along with a babbling, stony, brook that wanders through the Courtyard. Our spacious Dining Room overlooks our central courtyards, and there are level paved pathways with park benches and bird feeders, as well as front porches with comfortable chairs. Watch the birds play in the bird bath while relaxing on one of our patios, or from inside the adjoining sunrooms with a great view!

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